Testimony: Stephanie


stephanie butlerEveryone’s road to somewhere has a beginning. For most people, they have to hit rock bottom before making a decision to turn from a damaging path; and for Stephanie Butler, it was no different. Stephanie, a medical technician from Greenville, grew up in church her whole life. She sang in the gospel choir, raised her children well, and had a close relationship with her church body. However, at age twenty-six, Stephanie was drawn into a lifestyle full of darkness and destruction. She became addicted to crack cocaine, and it turned her world upside down.

Before she knew it, Stephanie was five years into the most painful addiction of her life. Though she tried to break free from drugs, her relapses became more frequent and numerous. Stephanie lost her father, got fired from her job, and used up all of her resources with her remaining family. Each trial brought Stephanie back to drugs, but she prayed that a miracle would come soon. When her loved ones had enough with her poor choices, they told her she had to get clean, no matter the cost. That is when Stephanie met Barbara.

Barbara Lehman of our rescue mission in Gaffney brought the love and compassion of Christ to Stephanie from her first day on the road to somewhere. Barbara welcomed Stephanie in with open arms, helping her not only break her addiction, but also gain hope for a bright and forgiven future. Stephanie was not allowed to settle, and Barbara gave her the resources and push she needed to get back into the medical field. Within three months, Stephanie was clean from drugs with a new job and a home of her own. Before long, she was a supervisor in her workplace and found a second vocation that provided health insurance as well as a pay raise. Now, Stephanie is working both jobs as her son succeeds in college and her daughter raises three children of her own. Stephanie says, “My kids would not have a mother or a grandmother if not for the day that I entered Miracle Hill.”

Now that she is free from addiction and is living in Christ’s liberty, Stephanie cannot help but share her story and gratitude with the world. She feels a special thankfulness for the Lamplighters of Miracle Hill. Stephanie confesses that their faithful giving “touched me so much. That’s one of the reasons I’ll never go back [to drugs]… because people who didn’t even know me touched my life—touched my family’s life.” Stephanie tread the path to nowhere by herself for a long time, but perhaps that is what makes the road to somewhere so infinitely special; we never have to walk it alone.