Children’s Home

Miracle Hill Children’s Home continues to be known as a place of refuge for children. The children’s home was founded in 1958 to care for unwanted, troubled, neglected and abused children who had no place to stay. Of the children we serve, some are born addicted to drugs. Others experience anger and frustration when dealing with issues and problems in their lives. Every day, we offer crisis and long-term care to youth ages 7 – 21. In home-style environments with house mentors, children in our care receive personal counseling, food, shelter, education, discipline and unconditional love – all within a Christian framework.  Older youth receive tools necessary to prepare them to be able to succeed in life past foster care.


Shelli Wilburn

Shelli Wilburn was only nine years old when she arrived at Miracle Hill Children’s Home. She was born to teenage parents who were both unprepared for parenthood. Shelli shares, “My father was an alcoholic all his life and died when he was only 46 years old.” Had she stayed with her parents, Shelli most likely would have grown up to lead a similar lifestyle.

Instead, during the next seven years of her life, Shelli lived in the Children’s Home where she formed enduring friendships and learned many important life lessons. “First and foremost, I was introduced to Christ when I was fifteen,” she remembers, “I also learned that I didn’t have to live like my parents did. I realized there are other ways to live life, for example, having better relationships.”

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