Special Events and Holidays

Special Event and Holiday Volunteers are needed throughout the course of the year to work on different projects, preparation or provision of meals.

A list of our special events are:

Volunteering at Miracle Hill can provide you with the opportunity to see God at work in incredible ways within our facilities and provide a way to give back to your local community. We welcome volunteers to serve in a number of ways and will work to find the right place for you to serve.

  • Volunteers should be at least 18 years old to volunteer individually or 12-17 years old accompanied by a chaperone for every three youth.
  • Lives are changed by relationships. Volunteers may choose to serve in an on-going manner or for a one-time special project; however, our desire in whatever capacity you chose to volunteer is that you focus on building relationships, serving with our guests, never doing for them what they have the capacity to do for themselves and equipping instead of enabling.

We know the impact a volunteer can have on the life of our guests is incredible, therefore we encourage volunteers to invest in on-going service. However, if you are unable to commit currently to an on-going volunteer relationship with Miracle Hill, we still want to work with you. We look forward to serving with you!

For further information, you may contact our volunteer coordinator Jaclyn Pinkham at (864) 268-4357.