Why we offer Transitional Housing to Our Graduates.

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Transitional housing is an important step in the recovery process. We offer transitional housing to all graduates of the Overcomers program as a way to smoothly transition into life away from the center. The in-house portion of our program is seven months long. While there clients are required to follow a rigorous schedule where their …

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When DSS Calls

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Children enter foster care every day and at every hour of the day. The Department of Social Services is given legal custody when a child enters foster care due to abuse and/or neglect. The agency is charged with finding a safe and suitable living arrangement for the child immediately when the child is removed from …

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What Is A Donor?

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What is a donor? donor |ˈdōnər| noun a person who donates something to a fund or charity a person who provides blood for transfusion or an organ or tissue for transplantation The term donor likely sparks a different association for all of us. For some, you are faithful financial donors to a charitable organization; perhaps …

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Watching God Work in the Lives of our Clients

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Working at Miracle Hill Rescue Mission – Cherokee County is very similar to being a parent and watching ones children grow and develop. Parents are always excited to see the first baby steps that a child makes and the first words that they speak. These are all signs of life and progress. Here at the …

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