Are there Homeless People in Cherokee County?

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When one thinks about an area the size of Cherokee County, one would question the need for a homeless shelter. Surely a community with a population of less than 50,000 there would not be anyone sleeping on the streets, in the woods, or in abandoned buildings. Sadly, even Cherokee County has a homeless population and …

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Shepherd’s Gate–Counting All Our Blessings!!

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As I awoke this morning, I realized that after seventeen years (as of June 8th), I am still excited to get up, get ready, and begin my daily journey to Shepherd’s Gate–what a blessing!!  As I pull into the parking lot, I look at our lovely building and beautiful landscaping–what a blessing!!  The beauty is …

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You’re Gonna Make It

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“You’re gonna make it.” Have you ever needed to hear those words?  Perhaps in a moment of crisis or during an especially long struggle that seemed to have no end? I remember feeling that way during the birth of my second child.  It had been a difficult, painful labor, and unfortunately, pain medications weren’t working.  …

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Reverend Everett Peterson: Loving How Jesus Loved

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From the very start, Reverend Everett Peterson expressed that his volunteer work is NOT about him but ALL about Christ. In his opinion, he and the others he volunteers with are just doing what any Christian should do—going to the places where the hurting people are and showing them the love of God. And volunteering …

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